Tutorial videos are several-minute-long movies that explain to you how exactly to carry out a certain task. In case you’ve never had a website and the hosting realm is something totally new to you or if you have just changed companies and have never used the new hosting provider’s Control Panel, such videos will be really handy and will help you get familiar with the tool in question, not to mention how much time you will spare. Without tutorial videos, you would have had to either test out the separate buttons in the Control Panel or check help articles. In spite of the fact that you can still learn how to get stuff done all by yourself, it would be a whole lot easier to watch an understandable video tutorial and then to just abide by the instructions, preventing any possibility of slipping up in case a certain help article is not sufficiently clear.

Video Tutorials in Shared Web Hosting

In case you order a shared web hosting service from our company, you’ll gain access to numerous video tutorials, which we have prepared with the intent to make our Hepsia Control Panel even easier to work with. As you navigate through its sections, you’ll be able to learn how to use the different options that you’ll notice there by merely following the video link, which will always be located to the right. Then you can pick a tutorial video in accordance with what you would like to accomplish and, provided that you access the video clips through a given Control Panel section, you’ll always see only related topics. In case you simply would like to discover more about Hepsia and its features, you can access the whole video selection through the link, which is located at the bottom of the page and see firsthand all the features that we have incorporated into the Control Panel.